Relieve Pain, Stay Active, Reduce Stress & Achieve Optimal Wellness

If you need help recovering from an injury, support for women’s health, want to move more freely, or just want to feel or sleep better, we can help!

We help all bodies, in every stage of life

Are you a weekend warrior, crushing it in the gym, or just want to go about your daily activities without pain?

Are you suffering from painful cycles, menopause or
anything in between?

Acupuncture can assist you in reclaiming optimal health and wellness so you can get back to doing the things you love

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Welcome to Trish Mitchell Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

For the past 20+ years we’ve helped people heal from acute and chronic health issues using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care to the community; to help restore and nurture good health and to improve the quality of life of individuals with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

We provide a quiet, relaxing clinic to help you unwind, rejuvenate and heal the mind, body and spirit. We work with you to achieve your health and wellness goals so you can feel your best and get back to doing what you love most.

If you are looking for a safe, effective, drug free alternative to restore health, call us today or book online to begin your wellness journey.

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Acupuncture works by stimulating your body’s natural healing response to restore and maintain health by using very thin, sterile and disposable needles on specific points on the body.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is safe, gentle and effective and has been used for thousands of years in treating health disorders. A different blend of herbs are given to our patients to restore the body to optimal health. Chinese herbs can come in different forms: granule, tincture and pills.

Pain Management

Find relief for acute and chronic conditions without drugs or side-effects! We help our patients get out of pain by treating the root of the problem and offering therapies to allow the body to heal and restore optimal function. We treat athletic injuries, rehab from surgery, headaches and migraines as well as everyday aches and pains.

Women’s Health

We support women in all stages of life to restore emotional and hormonal balance, including pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.

Emotional Wellness

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural feel good hormones and reduces the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for anxiety and stress with fewer side effects than medications.

Digestion & Gut Health

Resolve your gut issues naturally. Find relief from gas, bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhea and more with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary recommendations. We target the root cause so you can go back to feeling your best.

What People are Saying

Read our Google Reviews.
I used to suffer from daily migraines, Western medicine was masking symptoms but not clearing them up. A friend referred me to Trish and spoke highly about Trish, acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. I was skeptical at first but figured nothing else was working so why not try it. Best decision I ever made! Trish is highly knowledgeable, easy to talk to and explains things so it is easy to understand what is going on and what she is going to do. Trish's care with Eastern medicine has helped me with several different medical issues and Trish has become an invaluable lead person with my medical journey. If you have not visited with Trish or tried acupuncture and Eastern medicine, I highly recommend that you do. I cannot thank Trish enough for all she has helped me with!
Martha L
I have been a patient of Trish's for a number of years. In the beginning, she was providing me with acupuncture support as I was recovering from Breast Cancer. I was first struck by Trish's kind, exceptionally considerate and professional approach. Trish's acupuncture method is non-invasive, safe, and effective. I continue to find Trish going above and beyond in order to support and help her clients.
Throughout the years, Trish has also treated me for headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle and joint soreness, digestion issues, hot flashes, and night sweats. Her personable and caring acupuncture treatments and her holistic knowledge, have definitely improved the quality of my life. I will always be grateful for Trish.
Trish's work with me over the last few years has been very inspiring for me. She has helped me manage many of my ADHD symptoms, from debilitating exhaustion to physical pain and injuries, that have been plaguing me for most of my life given my late diagnosis at the age of 50. She is always patient with my endless questions and eases my concerns with thorough explanations of the procedure she is recommending. If an ailment is not completely taken care of, it is at least lessened to the point of bearable tolerance. In addition to acupuncture, Trish introduced me to cupping which has been huge in alleviating my physical pain. I highly recommend Trish to help guide you to contentment with whatever life struggles you are facing.
I was referred to Trish due to chronic headaches. Once I started working with her, she took in the whole picture: chronic headaches, ongoing digestive issues, and symptoms related to endometriosis. Trish has helped me immensely with all of those interrelated issues. I stopped experiencing nausea and vomiting every month with my cycle. I have a tightness in my throat (silent reflux) that she is helping me resolve. Trish is kind, calm, takes it all in and then makes a plan. I appreciate having Trish on my team as I work on feeling better.
Trish Mitchell is a lifesaver! She took the time to listen to my health concerns and formulate a plan that included acupuncture treatments, herbs, and diet. She put me on the right track after years of struggling to determine how to improve my health and what the root issue was. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very caring. I would highly recommend Trish to anyone wanting to incorporate acupuncture into their life!
In a word, Trish is extraordinary. She’s not only treated my presenting issue (neuropathic scalp itch), but a number of other Parkinson’s related issues I didn’t even know acupuncture could address. Trish listens carefully and compassionately; she gives me hope when symptoms seem endless; and she offers creative solutions based on her incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. I always feel better after a session with Trish, no matter what is bothering me physically or emotionally.
Trish has been extremely helpful to me on a number of different medical issues. I started seeing Trish for a specific reason, but soon learned how much acupuncture could help with a number of different things like anxiety, arthritis and even rashes! While acupuncture itself has been beneficial for me, I also really enjoy Trish as a fantastic medical provider. She really listens and treats the whole person. She works hard to find new and different approaches if her first approach does not solve the issue. I highly recommend visiting Trish!
My husband and I have both received many treatments from Trish and can only describe her as THE BEST! She is warm and compassionate and easy to talk to. She’s smart and intuitive and deeply committed to her patients. She’s helped us with neck pain, hand pain, shoulder pain, back pain, insomnia, colds, digestion, anxiety, fertility, pregnancy support, lactation support – pretty much everything! After a treatment we always feel great improvement in whatever our problem area was, as well as an overall sense of calm and well-being. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
We’ve seen Trish for many years now and we highly recommend her as an acupuncturist. She has gone above and beyond to cater to us personally. Trish is sensitive, caring and intuitively always seems to pinpoint just the right “spot” to alleviate any issues that we bring to her attention. We feel that she is truly gifted, always present during each and every session, and has become someone that we have come to love and respect. We encourage anyone interested in acupuncture to give Trish a try, we think you will be amazed with the results from her sessions.
D & R Williamson