Financial Policy, Insurance & Fees

Financial Policy:

Payment for services and herbal dispensary items are due at time of service. You are responsible for knowing the extent of your insurance coverage and if you have acupuncture benefits along with the cost of co-pays and your deductible. Copays are due at time of service.

New Patient Fee: $150
Return Visit: $100

Dispensary Returns:

Any unopened item may be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Private Insurance:

We are an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and MVP, however not all insurance plans cover acupuncture.

CIGNA Patients:

We are in-network with national Cigna plans that cover acupuncture. Most Vermont Cigna plans use a 3rd party payer named American Specialty Health (ASH), we are NOT an “in-network” provider with ASH plans. Please verify if Cigna handles your acupuncture benefits or ASH to know if you have coverage.

It is your responsibility to understand your acupuncture benefits and coverage BEFORE your appointment.

Many Vermont employers cover acupuncture including, but not limited to: Employees of the State of Vermont, the City of Burlington and S. Burlington, Federal employees in Vermont, City Market, Trader Joe’s and University of Vermont employees.

Vermont Medicaid will not cover acupuncture.

Medicare currently does not allow Licensed Acupuncturists to bill for services.

Questions to ask your insurance include:

● Will my policy cover acupuncture?
● If so, how many visits are covered per calendar year?
● When does my calendar year start?
● What is the copay or coinsurance if any?
● Do I have a deductible? If so, how much of it has been met?
● What are my acupuncture benefits for in -network vs out of network providers?
● Does acupuncture coverage only apply for certain conditions? If so, what conditions?